Our small decisions and new habits can have a huge positive impact on our planet. We only have one Planet, and it is our responsibility and commitment to take care of it.


We believe in a more sustainable future. That is why BAELLE commits itself to an action plan WE ARE PART OF IT, YOU CAN DO IT. In this way you participate and bolster this change, minimizing the impact to the environment in all processes.

We want our garments to care equally for those who use them, for those who make them and for the world in which they were created.


We are committed to a future that is respectful of the environment.

We combined the care of the resources of the planet and the people.

We collaborate with suppliers that guarantee the highest quality with the least impact on the environment.

We constantly seek new solutions to benefit the environment.

Sustainable Commitment

BAELLE works on a strategy that combines the care of the resources and the people who are behind in all the processes. The choice of materials, manufacturing, packaging, logistics to the active part of our clients to achieve a responsible use of the garments.

Our ideal is to ensure that sustainability is the central focus of all activity. The goal is to ensure that collections are created and treated throughout their life cycle in a sustainable way, being consistent with our values ​​and offering the best quality and design.

BAELLE seeks social awareness in all its activity, from the basis of materials to manufacturing. We work with national ateliers, usually of small capacity allowing a more careful and selective elaboration in an old style way. This allows us to manufacture with quality and price, at the same time that helps us to recover the small ateliers in disuse.

Christian CidWE ARE PART OF IT